Since our founding in 2005, we’ve learned a great deal about VoIP telephone systems. In 2011, we shipped more IP PBX systems than any other company.  We also achieved 100% uptime for the entire year. Using several patented technologies, we overcome the quality and reliability issues that often affect other VoIP systems. The result is an award-winning VoIP telephone system and service with a unique set of features.

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       How it Works Like other VoIP systems, Star2Star routes voice calls over an IP network, rather than over the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN). But that’s
where the similarity ends.

      Star2Star’s Blended Architecture™ places resources where they make the most sense. Features and functions that require largescale storage or processing power are hosted at one of our high-reliability data centers. The critical voice traffic is managed on the customer’s premises using our StarBox™ appliance. 

     The Star2Star  Architecture provides users with a full suite of voice services with industry-leading call quality and reliability.

                          Multiple Locations = Multiple Challenges

Organizations with more than one business location rely on their telephone systems to help them work together as an effective whole. But many business phone systems actually get in the way of productive communication. Expensive inter-office toll calls, accounting codes for
inter-office calls, and lack of a comprehensive dialing plan combine to make calling more difficult - and much more expensive - than it should be.

         Star2Star’s unique Blended Architecture™ includes several features designed to save money on monthly telephone expenses while improving communications and boosting productivity.

Star2Star provides users with a suite of features specifically designed to make intra-company calling effortless and inexpensive:
                  •  Answer any incoming call from any office
                  •  No-cost interoffice calling
                  •  Shared phone lines across several locations
                  •  Unified dialing plan across all locations
                  •  Ring groups and call queues can operate across locations
                  •  Effortless multi-location call transfer

                         Save Money by Sharing
Traditional business telephone systems can share a group of telephone lines among all the users in a single location. But because those telephone lines are physically connected to a particular geographic location, it isn’t possible to share those lines with other locations. Most businesses typically have one telephone line for every two or three users. In most cases, this ratio of lines to phones is more than sufficient to insure that all incoming calls are answered and that there’s always a line available for outbound calls. But unusually busy days or highly-seasonal business (think “pizza shop on Super Bowl Sunday”) can lead to busy signals, frustrated customers, and lost business. Predicting the number of phone lines your business actually needs can be a tricky proposition. If you buy too many lines, you’ll needlessly increase your monthly communications expense. If you buy too few, you run the risk of not having enough line capacity to handle traffic at peak times. The problem is even more complex for businesses with multiple locations. One location may be overloaded with calls while another is relatively idle. 

        StarScope 2 combines several key functions in one package, including:
                              • Presence  monitoring and management
                              • Integrated company-wide directory
                              • Favorites and Recently-Called lists
                              • Call control manager with drag-and-drop call transfer / park / retrieve
                              • Multi-party IM Chat client
                              • Voicemail access
                              • Call recording and playback
                              • Incoming call pop-up
                              • Conference room monitor 

 StarBox 2250
The new StarBox model 2250 brings all the features and reliability of its predecessor, the model 2200, into a new, 1U rack-mountable form factor.
The StarBox 2250 can connect up to 250 users with 50 simultaneous conversations. The model 2250 CR is identical but includes internal storage for up to 2,500 hours of on-site call recording.  The recordings can be played back using a cloud-based application.

StarBox 5500
The StarBox 5500 brings Star2Star’s industry-leading quality, reliability, and savings to customers with larger offices. The 5500 can connect up to 500 extensions with up to 100 simultaneous voice conversations. The 5500 can be used as a direct replacement for customers who have outgrown their smaller StarBoxes or, along with the other members of the StarBox family, as part of a multi-location solution. The model 5500 CR includes internal
storage for up to 5,000 hours of call recording. The recordings are accessible using a cloud-based application.
In keeping with its corporate mission for delivering the most reliable business grade Internet based communications solutions, the StarBox 5500 is packaged in a 1U rack-mountable

StarBox Lite
The StarBox Lite is ideal for smaller offices or retail locations.  It can connect up to 20 extensions with 10 simultaneous connections. Three Sizes, One Amazing Box. 

All three models share an identical management interface and feature set, including:• Integrated monitoring and remote management

• Flexible networking configuration
• Automatic WAN failover
• All Solid State, low power consumption (as low as 6W)
• Long life, high reliability
• Edge traffic shaping
• 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring
 Communication Appliances 

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We offer a broad selection of desktop IP phones from Cisco, Polycom, and snom. All three manufacturers make an array of telephones that cover a wide range of applications and price ranges. You can mix and match phones from all three manufacturers on the same Star2Star system.

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Works with Polycom IP Phones
Works with SNOM IP Phones
Works CISCO IP Phones


Call quality is a hallmark of the Star2Star End-to-End solution; which is why we include Polycom®, and SNOM  in our core suite of business telephones.



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