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  Cisco Meraki Family of Cloud-Based Network Appliances


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Cloud Managed Security Appliances


The Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking architecture enables plug and play branch deployments and provides centralized visibility and control across any number of distributed locations.

MX security appliances self-provision – automatically pulling policies and configuration from the cloud – enabling branch deployments without on-site IT. The Meraki cloud delivers seamless firmware and security signature updates, automatically establishes site-to-site VPN tunnels, and provides automatic network monitoring and alerts.

Since the MX is managed entirely through the Cisco Meraki web-based dashboard, configuration and diagnostics can be performed remotely just as easily as they can be performed on-site, eliminating costly field visits. Even firmware updates are performed seamlessly, over the web.


       MR Cloud Managed Wireless Access Points      


Introducing the latest 802.11n cloud managed APs with hardware dedicated to security and RF optimization

Last year we introduced the Cisco Meraki MR34, the first ever cloud managed 802.11ac access point, and almost more exciting than the new speedy wireless standard (which was very exciting), was the dedicated security radio built into each access point. The additional radio provides automated RF optimization and enhanced security in parallel to the client serving radios. It was so beneficial that we brought the same functionality to the rest of the MR product line. We are excited to announce completely new 802.11n access points, the MR18 and MR26, each with an additional radio dedicated to wireless security and performance optimization for high density environments. In this post we take a look at the new hardware and some of the benefits of the additional radio.


Benefits of the dedicated security radio

The MR18 and MR26 have three radios. Two radios are just for serving clients, one for 2.4 GHz wireless channels, and one for 5 GHz. These radios are spending almost all of their time serving client devices, making sure files get downloaded, VoIP calls are made, and YouTube videos stream seamlessly. But with these radios busy, it leaves administrators blind to other events that might be happening in the RF environment: interference degrading RF performance or rogue SSIDs compromising unknown clients. The dedicated security radio plays a huge role in providing visibility in the RF environment, optimizing RF configuration, and mitigating wireless threats.

The dedicated security radio enables Meraki APs to power:

Auto RF- Self optimized radio settings such as channel and power level. Automatically adapts to interference sources in real time to determine the optimal radio settings.


Spectrum Analysis – Real time view of full 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz RF spectrum..

spectrum View

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    Access and Aggregation Switches for Any Environment


QoS for Voice and Video

Deploy latency-sensitive applications such as voice and video by guaranteeing network performance. Voice and QoS features such as per-VLAN and protocol-based prioritization, as well as flexible QoS assignments, give inuitive, granular control.

Intelligent use of LLDP on the network makes deploying devices such as VoIP phones painless. Simply select a VLAN for voice in the dashboard, and selected ports will accept tagged traffic on the voice VLAN. The port also uses LLDP advertisements to recommend devices use that VLAN for voice traffic.

REMOTE Live Tools and Alerts

MS Switches make powerful live tools available for remote troubleshooting at any time. From infrastructure uptime and performance testing to device troubleshooting, live tools simplify day-to-day network administration and dramatically shorten time to resolution.  Built-in Ethernet cable testing no longer requires an excursion to one or more switch closets just to verify cable integrity. Simply select a switch port, run a cable test, and see results right in the dashboard, even if there is no device connected on the other end.Each Meraki MS is automatically monitored 24×7 via the cloud. Email and text message alerts are configurable to immediately notify administrators of configuration changes, switch downtime, and even per-port disconnection events.

Enterprise Security

Extending security down to the port level has never been easier. MS Switches integrate seamlessly with enterprise-grade security systems using 802.1X. Define access policies, segregate guest devices, and quarantine entire environments right from the dashboard.

Applying policies on many ports takes just a few clicks — even if the ports are spread across many switches. Simply search to find the ports of interest, click to apply the desired policies, and save your changes. Policies are pushed immediately to the desired ports.

Seamless firmware updates, two factor authentication, and other built-in protections make secure, PCI and HIPAA-compliant networks easy and cost effective. 

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